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Nice examples, thanks!


I certainly can relate to this. More times then I can count, I've tossed away an easily won position because my brain shutdown. Finally the other night I was the recipient of such a gift. I'm down the exchange and a pawn, and my opponent doggedly tries to get me to exchange queens. He ended out hanging a rook. I go up a bishop for a pawn.

PS. I can't get your diagrams to move the pieces. I was trying to solve problem in your triz post. Even after trying every move on the board, it would not give me the answer. Is it a browser problem? I'm using Firefox on a mac.

James Todhunter

Hi Polly,

I agree. While I hate tossing the easily won game, I do feel very fortunate when the tables are turned in my favor.

Sorry, you had difficulty with the problem widget. I have to try it out on Firefox. (I use IE.) One thing that confused a friend recent is that this widget doesn't support the click and drag method of moving the piece that you might be used to if you use ICC Dasher or ChessBase. Instead, it requires that you click and release the piece and then click on the square you want to move to.

If any one else is having trouble with the widget, I'd like to know. Maybe it's not worth using the problem mode.

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Well done Man,
Chess is my favorite game and you give good example about playing chess.

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