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When I'm at a tournament, I eat a light breakfast; usually a muffin, yogart, OJ and then a coffee to take to the game with me.

Same goes for any afternoon lunches I may take...just a roll-up and bottled water.

It's only at dinner time where I will eat a hearty meal; of course, by the time I'm eating dinner, my games for the day are over. In any event, I will always have bottled water with me while playing OTB.

A full belly for me while playing or eating a lot of food with sugar is a -+ for my opponent.

James Todhunter

Like you, many people find a big meal can hurt their play. For me it is the opposite. I'm more like a marathon runner. If I don't eat enough, I run out of steam.

But, I definitely avoid the sugary stuff.

jake smith

Healthy food is the key for sure.
Our brains need sustenance as much as our bodies do. I like the comparison to a marathon runner. Often it feels like a marathon out there.


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